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Canagro Foods is a Canadian exporter and merchandiser.

Canagro Foods is headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario and combines a rich heritage of providing great berries, puree, juice concentrate and maple syrup. We are transforming the way we operate to fulfill what our customers want, in a smart and simple way. Our unique approach combines a manufacturer’s precision and reliability with tailored service of distributors. This is achieved through integration of the supply chain management into the manufacturing process and its extension into documentation, international shipping, and customer service.

  • We have been involved in international food trade for almost 10 years.
  • Our trading partners are located across Asia, Europe and both Americas
  • We undertake all export formalities, prepare documentation and certificates required by importing countries.

We have a long-time existing network of partners in Canada, US, Turkey, China, Malaysia, India, Eastern Europe and Baltic countries. Our knowledge and experience make the buying process simple and smooth. Give us a call or send an enquiry for pricing and availability, and we will do our best to serve you.

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Our Process

Four Steps

Cranberry cultivation begins with the preparation of cranberry beds, often called bogs. Cranberries are not planted in bogs or grown underwater, but rather on dry land that is flooded at various points in time during cultivation generally for ease of harvesting.

Step 1. Farming

A typical cranberry harvest begins in early September and lasts through fall. The cranberry bogs are flooded when the berries ripen. Then the berries are beaten mechanically from the vines and float to the surface, where they are skimmed, collected on trucks, and taken for processing.

Bins of frozen berries are dumped into a sizer that blows out the trash, drops the unders, and screens out the overs. Then the berries are pneumatically conveyed to where they are separated from the air stream and fed into the juice extractor.The berries are sent to an infuser, where they are made into “sweet & dry”. Sugar solution with flavoring concentrate is added to the berries.

Step 2. Processing

Cranberry, orange, cherry, and other flavors can be used. Organic cranberries are typically sweetened with organic apple juice concentrate. The pieces are then dried in bakery-style band dryers, to make what is called cranberries infused with sugar. The final step is to dry the cranberries to remove excess moisture for easy handling and packaging.

Packing is the final process where cranberries are packaged into 25 pounds (11.34kg) cardboard boxes and prepared for shipping.

Step 3. Packaging

The final step in the packing process is label application, which is completed during the pallets formation process when individual labels are affixed to the cases with berries.

These natural and healthy cranberries are amazing for baking and desserts, fruit mixes and salad toppings.

Step 4. Application

Premium ingredients and base for Dairy products and confectionary, Seasoning, Beverages and Sauces

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